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[Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related)   [Help!]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Apr 30,2020 at 18:30
In Response to: [Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related) (Laurent Duchastel)

> Hello to all,
> I have an issue which is not ZTree related.
> My father's computer has been having a weird malfunction for the last
> few days. It boots erratically and often shutdown suddenly the same way.
> Some days, it won't boot at all, some other days, it does and works fine
> all day. And often, it stops suddenly few minutes after being booted up,
> and sometimes few seconds.
> I strongly guess a hardware issue, but just to be sure, I reformatted
> and reinstalled it completely. When I did, it worked just fine for 36
> straight hours at my place, but when replugged at my father's place,
> same odd behaviour started again. :-(
> We also tried different electrical outlets (different breaker circuit),
> changed the power cord and bypassed electrical strip.
> Everything points to a hardware issue.
> I monitored CPU temperature and it seemed fine when the computer worked
> for a day and a half in a row. And because the computer often shuts down
> few seconds after booting, I guess it can't be a CPU overheating
> problem. Right ?
> My strong guess is that the power supply is faulty (in which case I
> could easily order a new one). But could it be rather the motherboard (in
> which case, I would buy a new computer)?
> Do you have any suggestion how to exactly pinpoint if it is a
> motherboard or a power supply issue?
> Thank you,

I'd just check all the fans are running well and vacuum out any dust as a first step. Also worth getting temperature monitoring software...

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