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[OT] Reconecting mapped network drives on VPN after sleep   [OT]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 01,2020 at 17:49
In Response to: [OT] Reconecting mapped network drives on VPN after sleep (Peter Shute)

> I'm working at home via VPN to servers at work. My mapped network
> drives work fine, but after I wake the computer up each morning, the
> drives are inaccessible by Ztree until I open each one up with Explorer.
> They're also inaccessible to the command line. They're still mapped,
> just not working.
> What is Explorer able to do to reconnect them that Ztree and the
> command line can't?
> I've never seen this happen while on the LAN at work, but at work the
> computer I use doesn't sleep.


Not exactly the same setup, but this might help

At home I hibernate, and to get ZTree to be able to access the network drives after restoring, I have a autohotkey script that has a trigger on wake up (actually on TSSessionState change), that calls a .cmd script that has the following

--- Start ---
@echo off

Call :WakeupPath \\server\share1
Call :WakeupPath \\server\share2

goto :eof
If Exist %1 goto :eof
Call :Log Waking up %1
dir "%~1\$$$$$$$$.$$$" >nul
If Not Exist %1 (
timeout /t 30
goto WakeupPath
goto :eof
--- end ---

The other methods
1. Use Windows Explorer to wake up the drive(s).

2. Disconnect and reconnect the drives
net use d: /d
net use d: \\server\share1
REM Append /u:domain\username if needed
REM Append "*" to get the command to not use the local password and prompt instead

Also working from home here, but over Citrix.

Keep safe


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