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[Discuss] What year for the most recently started Ztree/Xtree user?   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 01,2020 at 22:49

Continuing the old 2019 thread here:
about the youngest Ztree users, so that more people see it.

Andrew Penfold said:
> I'll be 40 this month (Oct 2019). So maybe I'm the youngest?

The youngest in that poll so far.

> When I was 14 my parents bought me a PC for school work, assisted by my
> friend's father who was so into computers that he had 2 of them
> networked in his house. Novell Netware with co-ax cable I believe it
> was.
> He used XTreeGold 2.00 to back up the new PC onto floppy disks (3.5",
> not that old!) and left me a copy. While he was into computers he
> wasn't into paying for software (sigh).

Only 40 years old, but started using Xtree at age 14 - 1993.

I'm guessing there are plenty of older people here who started using it after that.

I started using Xtree about 1987. Anyone here more recent than 1993?


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