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[Discuss] What year for the most recently started Ztree/Xtree user?   [Discuss]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: May 02,2020 at 10:41
In Response to: [Discuss] What year for the most recently started Ztree/Xtree user? (Peter Shute)

> Only 40 years old, but started using Xtree at age 14 - 1993.

Yeah. The age of new starters would not be too young I'd guess.

And another problem.. Define new... how many years past does "recent" include :-)

New take up would not be great I guess.. as compared to Zoom or Tik Tok ..lol

I wonder if Kim has any user stats of age of purchasers. :-)

I think it would be interesting to not only find the youngest age of a current user but also the oldest age of current users of ZtreeWin and/or ZtreeWin forum

As for the youngest ages of commencing to use xtree/ZTW

Cant beat 14 I suspect for youngest, I suspect. Wow!

Also interesting to know the age when long term users first started using xtree or ztreewin

I am 66. I started using xtree in 1985-6 IIRC at age 32-3. I do remember that, approximately.

I think I started using Ztreewin in 1997, just before the AFC. I now can't remember how I came across it. Maybe I have written that date down somewhere on this forum. :-) I can remember being overjoyed at finding ZtreeWin, though.

I just searched the forum archives 12th July 1999 was my first post on this forum ... over 20 yrs ago!!!

How good is this forum...Thanks again Victor. so easy to search back!



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