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power conditioner   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 05,2020 at 23:22
In Response to: power conditioner (Tim Mongeon)

> The Cyberpower lasted about two years - then it doesn't warn you the
> battery may be dying - no it just acts weird - so is it the battery or
> the unit? I went through that with the APC. Bought a new battery - nope
> it was the unit. Under warranty? Nope. Will they take back battery?
> Nope. Throw out the whole thing? Yup.

I went through this with a large Socomec server room UPS. Started acting funny, and its internal webpage told us the batteries were dead, so we bought more - it takes 8.

After replacing the batteries, it was dead. Tech support LAUGHED AT ME for replacing the batteries on such an old unit - about 6 years.


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