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Same via VPN   [Q]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 06,2020 at 22:24
In Response to: [Q] Tips for Faster AWS Logging? (Dan LeGate)

> IT Infrastructure recently we moved our VMware instance servers from
> on-premise to cloud (still VMware on top of AWS is my understanding).
> I notice when I map and log drives it is now much slower. (Still fast
> if I RDP into the box)

I haven't tried that, but working from home via VPN, I find logging drives on servers in the office very slow. Even deleting a lot of files that way can be slow.

It's fast running Ztree on the server itself, and it was always slower than that when logging drives from a workstation in the office over the LAN.

A useful command to know is Alt+Log. If you log just two or three or more levels, you can often achieve what you need much more quickly than logging it all. The Unlogged option is then useful to log the rest of it if you need to.

Also Escape then Partion Logging, in case youre finding it taking too long, but want to keep what it's logged so far.


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