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[ZEP] Using Alt+Log 1-9 with Unlogged Branches Only   [ZEP]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 06,2020 at 23:05

Alt+Log 1-9 is a great way to log the top few levels of a large drive quickly.

But if I decide I'd like to log a couple more levels, it seems it has to relog the ones above them. Eg if I run Alt+Log 3, then want to log two more levels, Alt+Log 5 will log the first 3 again.

I would like to be able to use the Unlogged Branches Only Option in conjunction with Alt+Log 1-9.

Use case:
- I have a drive full of Citrix user profiles, and I want to check the size of all the recycle bins. Each user has several of these scattered through their profile, and I don't know how deep they are.
- Logging it all takes a very long time. It would good to be able to log an extra level at a time till I find them.


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