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By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 07,2020 at 01:21
In Response to: I'm talking about year started, not age - anyone after 2000? (Steve Rawling)

> I totally agree with what you say here Peter. Even for me File
> Manager's arrival meant I only used Xtg when I shelled out of my DOS
> program GEOCOMP straight into xtg at the working directory where I
> needed to manage/rename/move/text-edit a multitude of dddddd.ext
> files.

We must come from the same background. My first copy of Xtree, from memory, was accidentally included with Geocomp, and someone there pointed it out during a support call, to help me find some files.

> It was of course when Windows copied apples graphical interface style
> of easy to learn "intuitive" mouse driven management and "beautiful"
> True type fonts and white background that attracted the new user.
> Its funny Windows v 1 and 2 were so bad, the MS domination could easly
> have failed. I read an interesting opinion piece that suggested Windows
> survived and caught on even though it was so bad in the ealy version
> because of the use of the word "WINDOWS". Everyone understood that
> metaphor

I remember, when shopping for my employer's first PCs, being shown Windows 1.0 by the salesperson in Dick Smith. I was impressed enough to immediately buy a book about it, but decided to use DOS.

We would have been happy to just continue using DOS, but Wordstar wasn't cutting it anymore, and pressure was growing to have WYSIWYG word processing, and Windows/Word was the easiest way to get it. If my experience is common then Office is what led to Windows' domination.

The other choice was to buy Apple computers, but we already had PCs.


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