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[Help!] can't move files using F2, F5 and F6 to control attributes   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 07,2020 at 16:41


I know the answer is somewhere but I just can't find it. Long time user having simple problem.

I want to move read only files to a new directory. I don't want to get rid of the read only status - I know I could do it temporarily and just re-establish the attribute again.. but I'm stubborn.

I tag all of the files and attempt the ctrl move 'To'

I would normally use F2 to allow moving -R-A-S-H type attributes but it is not there - neither is F5 and F6 to control attributes.

What happened to these options? Not there. When I do the move I get the read-only message - skip, or override. - or am I just missing something?

Otherwise I have to sit there and for each and every file give it permission to move the file. Using v2.4173. Also tried v2.4195 same thing.


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