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By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: May 12,2020 at 20:18
In Response to: [Tip] Use Bookmark Navigation (John Gruener)

> Press [ (or Alt-Left) to immediately navigate to the previous directory
> or File Window, and again to go to the one previous to that, and so on.
> Press ] (or Alt-Right) to navigate back to the more recent ones.

[ and ] do not work for me because of:

K Reassign [ and ] for spell searching Yes

This allows tagging certain dirs with leading '['s or ']'s, or '[]'


which allows, after logging the entire disk, to just hit [[[, then follow with " to navigate to those special dirs named [[[whatever. This allows you to spell search without having to hold down Shift. You can instantly reach objects that have
"hashtags" made up of leading '['s and ']'s - it's up to your imagination.


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