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[ZEP] Width of filename columns in multi-column file window display   [ZEP]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: May 12,2020 at 20:51
In Response to: [ZEP] Width of filename columns in multi-column file window display (Neil Clough)

> So as no-one has advised if this is possible, could I submit a ZEP.
> Add an option to control/set the number of columns in ALT-F file window
> display.
> At the moment on my system it switches between:
> 1 -> 10 -> 6 columns


I don't think setting the number of columns is a feasible solution. In both Alt-F multi-column modes the number of columns is internally calculated. The calculation is based on dividing up the available filename space into the maximum number of columns that will provide a minimum filename length in each column.

The available filename space depends on:
1. The overall width of the ZTree window (Extended statistics "Cols") controlled by Alt-F7/F8.
2. Whether or not in F8 Split screen.
3. If in F8 Split screen, the Shift-F8 Current, Both or None setting.

The problem with setting the number of columns is the setting may not provide enough room for the filename, depending on the three above factors.

What you really want here is to be able to display longer filenames in the Alt-F multi-column modes (at the expense of course of having fewer files visible at one time in the File Window). So I think the best way to do that would be to have an option to set the minimum filename length upon which the number of columns is internally calculated.

This would of course require YACO to set the minimum length. I would suggest CO-2S to read something like this:

    S. Multi-column minimum file name length (12-30)      12

Obviously if the current available space would not allow multi columns at the user-set minimum, ZTree would have to continue to display only one column, and in that case the name may not be as long as is set by the option.

- John

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