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C command line processing   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: May 15,2020 at 05:50
In Response to: C command line processing (Ben Kent)

> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/cpp...nction-command-line-args?view=vs-2019
> \" is an escaped "
it sucks but i am glad to know now.

> ...I guess you are using defensive programming techniques to handle...

----1---- --2----- -----3------ ------4---------

it is a novice way that i hope to write a command line to handle to all things.
i will try to seperate 2 cases; drive and the rest of dir and file.
because if i dont put in something like "*" then the 4th argument goes to the 3rd argument position then it ruins things. the same thing goes to the quotation marks.
if i dont use them, it cant read names with spaces. if i use quotations then they cant handle root drives and also cause an acceptible minor problem in directory names.

you asked me about something about powershell a while ago
my ans is.. i cant use or never use powershell..... not in my life (i dont have much left). i may learn one or two things about it over the shoulders but not more. it is for the next generation.
it is nearly a miracle for me to get to know DOS batch commands this far since XT computers, i am a physicist, i only solve numerical math problems. it is kind of fun to talk about DOS commands sometimes, because they have so many operators in my eyes.

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