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[Wish] Kim, Alt-F10-3O ?   [Wish]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 18,2020 at 14:38
In Response to: [Wish] Long Pathname support (Tim Mongeon)

> Hi Kim.
> I posted this in help but no response and looking through the docs I
> don't think that Long flenames are yet supported. So I will take this
> direct to you if you don't mind.
> I formerly request that you consider supporting Long Filenames and
> pathnames in a hopefully not too distant revision.
> I work constantly with these and it is rather cumbersome to switch to
> another program to open documents or deal with the two errors generated
> when I try to do it from Ztree. I know about all the work-arounds but I
> would rather have direct support. I realize it is probably a pain to add
> this, but a lot of third party utilities have started to support long
> filenames and pathnames and I really hope that you consider my request.
> A file manager as fine as Ztree should support what is now a basic
> functionality of Windows.
> Thank you.

Kim, would it be possible to add a configuration option for (O)pen to use %7?
Just a wild idea.

Laurent Duchastel


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