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Just select Retry??   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 18,2020 at 21:41
In Response to: [OT] Reconecting mapped network drives on VPN after sleep (Peter Shute)

> I'm working at home via VPN to servers at work. My mapped network
> drives work fine, but after I wake the computer up each morning, the
> drives are inaccessible by Ztree until I open each one up with Explorer.

Today I tried to log a network drive that had become "unavailable" over the VPN, and after Ztree failed, I selected Retry instead of Cancel. It thought for about 2 seconds, then logged the drive!

Is this all we ever had to do? I'm surprised I've never tried it before.

If I select Cancel or Escape out of the Log command, then try again, it fails as before. Only Retry will reconnect it.

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