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[Help!] batch - how to find if it is a Drive or Dir or File   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 22,2020 at 21:40
In Response to: [Help!] batch - how to find if it is a Drive or Dir or File (Ryan)

> i dont know how to escape to endlocal to get DRIVE.
> i have to make it to external sub.

If you need the environment variables to be visible from the caller, you cannot use SetLocal, even to set EnableDelayedExpansion.

I do this sometimes, there will be an IOPS impact, but it works
>%temp%\~LateExp.cmd Echo Set "Variable=%%CallerVar%%"
Call %temp%\~LateExp.cmd
Echo CallerVar=%Variable%

You seem to insist on wanting to add extra unnecessary brackets, and then you complain of the consequences.
In your LIB-OS1.BAT example above, if you removed the extra brackets, the beginning one before the "@echo off" (also why put the "@echo off" contruct mid script?), you wouldn't need EnableDelayedExpansion, and would save yourself a load of pain.

In A-OS1.BAT, why are you doing this?
CALL "LIB-OS1.BAT" :GetObjectType IN ObjectType
and not
CALL "LIB-OS1.BAT" :GetObjectType "%~1" ObjectType
Then you wouldn't need delayed expansion, more causing yourself pain.

Reading that code, you have understood the you can execute variables point "CALL :%1 %*", but have some more to learn.

Programming in CMD is an exercise in pain, I use it mostly for quick and dirty, but sometimes I use it for the challenge, my film tagging script at home is ~3000 lines of complicated code, and one of my at work scripts is ~5000 lines (but actually a lot simpler), but I understand (I think most of) the limitations of CMD scripting, and how to handle a lot of them.

Maybe you should switch to powershell, or some other scripting language.



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