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File as a bug?   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 23,2020 at 01:31
In Response to: [Help!] Long Pathname support (Tim Mongeon)

> I use long pathnames and filenames in my work constantly. I have
> already set Windows to support long file paths so that isn't the
> problem.
> When I go to open a file that has a long path greater than 260
> characters, Ztree chokes and gives me the irritating error from Windows-
> cannot find file and the subsequent error Unable to open file error 1223.
> I say irritating because I have to close out two error messages not just
> one.

Is there a chance this Windows long names setting will become the default? It has the potential to mess badly with Ztree's usability. It might be worth recording it as a bug under the post for the latest zeta. I see no length limit mentioned in the help file, so that's what it is.


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