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[Notice] New Book - Free Download by Tim Mongeon on Bulk Rename Utility Program   [Notice]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 23,2020 at 13:00
In Response to: [Notice] New Book - Free Download by Tim Mongeon on Bulk Rename Utility Program (Tim Mongeon)

> Hello.
> For those interested I have written a book that can be downloaded for
> free at
> https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4743
> The subject matter is a program called Bulk Rename Utility program that
> also has a command line version called BRC. Both are rather good but the
> book concentrates only on the BRU program. It is an excellent file
> rename program which you may already be familar with. There is also a
> RegEx manual in the appendix.
> So pick up a copy - and download the program at the same time. It is
> over 300 pages.
> The name of the book is Bulk Rename Utility Operations Manual Volume I.
> Volume II is coming out soon (over 1300 pages at last count) - I
> estimate Fall or before. It will delve deeply into BRU's capabilities
> and highlight both RegEx much more comprehensively and some Javascript.
> The Javascript is for the Registered version of the program but that is a
> small section compared to the rest. So if you want to learn the BRU
> program, RegEx or both - get Volume I and especially Volume II when its
> released. And if you have the registered version of the program, you
> have the Javascript functionality as well.
> Let me know how you like it.
> Thanks for your support.

At current time over 5000 downloads. Thank you to all the people here who have downloaded and support it. I don't make any money on this. I do it out of a love for teaching and writing. Totally voluntary. I have no direct affiliation with TGRMN. I will be coming out with the second volume soon.

While the emphasis in this first volume was all of the functionality involved in using the Bulk Rename Utility program as well as a Manual for RegEx in the Appendix, the second volume will concentrate on usability of the program with a very strong emphasis on learning RegEX through examples and analysis. You don't need BRU for learning but the book is based on the One Line RegEX approach to renaming rather than a multi-line 'search' via a Grep type of utility.

I think it is unique and harkens back to the old days of learning through example, but this book goes far beyond that. It also includes Javascript examples, BRU examples, and more, in an all-inclusive volume. There will also be a second companion volume of the RegEX manual in the appendix of this book as well. It currently stands at over 1,693 pages - how long was War and Peace? :)

It will include (hopefully) an index and a Bookmark system - something I wish to add to Volume I as well in the next minor revision. I already have the skeleton of the indexing done.

Again, thanks to all that have downloaded Volume I and I hope that continues. Refer to the first post for the link. I it also my hope that people have enjoyed reading it. That's all I ask.


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