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[Help!] Archival Connection   [Help!]

By: John Wright     St.Joseph MI, USA  
Date: Jun 06,2020 at 01:55
In Response to: [Help!] Archival Connection (Anthony Gold)

> Ctl F5/Alt F5 work fine PKZip2.5with Win10. Do you have file ARCHIVER.BB2
> present and suitably edited for PKZIP25.EXE if that's the archiver

Thanks Anthony --
I moved the PKZip 2.5 entery to the first listing in ARCHIVER.BB2 and now it does indeed try to run the 2.5 version. But ZTW says "Error: Archiver not found". I just downloaded & installed the current evaluation version of PKZip *TODAY* -- but when I try to execute it from its desktop icon I get a PKZip box stating "You have 0 days remaining in your 30-day evaluation". From that I assume I have a PKWare installation problem and I have contacted PKWare about that. Will post more if/when they get their act together and get back to me. For a new installation that really creates SEVERE oral vacuum.


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