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[Q] Copy folder dates?   [Q]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jul 03,2020 at 22:50
In Response to: [Q] Copy folder dates? (Tim Rude)

> When copying a bunch of files in subfolders using Alt-Copy, is there
> a way to make ZTree make the dates (created/written/accessed) of the
> newly created target folders match the dates of the original source
> folders?
> The file dates are being maintained but the folder dates are all being
> set to the current date/time. I need to maintain both.

I dunno for inbuilt solution, but quick and dirty solution: what about a macro ?

Split Screen
Ctrl-F12 (start recording)
Left panel (source directory)
N, F7 (choose created/written/accessed), Tab (back original), Ctrl-Insert (copy to clipboard
Switch to right panel (target directory, same name)
N, F7 (choose), Ctrl-V (paste), Enter
Ctrl-F12 (end recording)

Then Alt-F12 (recall macro) as much as required.

Alternatively, ends macro with down arrow on both split-screen to be ready for next "macro synced directory stampdate".

Alternatively, name macro and recall as required with F12.

Laurent Duchastel


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