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[Bug] Sorting jpeg files by creation date   [Bug]

By: John Clark       
Date: Jul 05,2020 at 04:54
In Response to: [Bug] Sorting jpeg files by creation date (Liviu)

> > see attached
> The "n W" in the
> top-right corner of ZTree's FW indicates that what's displayed is the
> last-modified timestamp ("W") and the primary sort is by name ("n").
> To show the creation date, instead, and sort by it:
> - press Alt-S[ort];
> - press F4 until the Timestamp cycles to "created";
> - press [O]rder if needed to toggle between ascending/descending;
> - press [D]ate.
> After that, ZTree will display the creation timestamps, which will
> match 'dir /od /tc', so I don't see any bug there.
> The far right snapshot which shows DateTimeOriginal/Digitized is
> probably displaying the EXIF information. Those timestamps are stored
> inside the JPEG and only exist for certain media formats that carry EXIF
> information. They are not file attributes like the regular
> created/modified/accessed timestamps which exist for all files, and which
> ZTree works with. There are ways to "copy" the internal EXIF dates to
> the file timestamps, if that's what you are after, but those require 3rd
> party utilities. See Laurent's href=http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=123093>post above,
> or check out the href=https://exiftool.org/exiftool_pod.html#RENAMING-EXAMPLES>exiftool
> renaming examples.
> Cheers,
> Liviu

I have been through the process you describe above, many times. Reason for this exercise is my wife and I both shot the wedding. Cameras were time and date synced so that we could dump the photos and sort them by creation time. Problem popped up when she went through and edited the files which resulted in new dates and times. Should have sorted and renamed files before doing any editing. Live and learn.
Thanks for your help.


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