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[OT] Date attributes in MS Explorer   [OT]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Jul 16,2020 at 22:45
In Response to: [OT] Date attributes in MS Explorer (Liviu)

> > I am still puzzled by what plain old vanilla "DATE" column is
> supposed to do
> Haven't really used it, but there is some discussion about it href=https://superuser.com/questions/147525/what-is-the-date-column-in-windows-7-explorer-it-matches-no-date-column-from>here
> with further links.
> In my reading, that "date" is Explorer's best guess of what
> you'd expect to see there ;-)
> Cheers,
> Liviu\\

Thanks again Liviu

I think this nest quoted paragrash from that link best explains to me the attempted logic of its creation (bad word haha). Its of interest to me whose MO includes often copying a recently create file as a template for new file. Another case of dumbing down maybe? It annoys me that it is the default.

"The reasoning seems to be that when you copy a file, the "Date created" of the file copy is the current date, while the "Date modified" is carried over from the original file. So in this case the "Date Modified" contains more information about when the content was created/changed, so might be more relevant to some users than the date the file was copied."



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