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[Discuss] Calculate copy time remaining   [Discuss]

By: Andrew Atton     Birmingham, UK  
Date: Aug 10,2020 at 12:22

Using 2.4.195 I was recently copying about 300,000 files from an old external USB drive to a new one.

Because there were a large number of small files this took many hours. I left the process running and came back occasionally to see all was progressing OK. When the time remaining was showing on Ztree as approaching zero I sat down to continue work. When "Left: 00:00" appeared I expectantly raised my fingers to go.

I waited.

I waited.

After 5 minutes the status was still showing "Left: 00:00" so I left it and came back 20 minutes later and it was still going! It finished OK after about a further 5 minutes.

I realise that calculating the remaining time is tricky as the copy speed varies massively with the file sizes but has anyone else noticed this? Is it something that could be fixed without too much coding effort?


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