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Could be a WAN speed problem?   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Aug 15,2020 at 00:42
In Response to: [Help!] Alt-Info closes if I change files (Matthias Kring)

> When I use the cursor keys (up/down), the info window stays open.
> (2.4.196)

Looks like it works ok on C:, but not on a network drive I have mapped via VPN from home to a server at work. (We are locked down here, can't go to work anymore, not even just to change a backup tape.)

If I try it with the same network drive from a PC at work via remote control, it works fine.

Maybe it's a timing thing? Although it does close the Alt-Info box very quickly when I press Up or Down. And it does it even in a folder with one file in it, where it shouldn't be trying to retrieve anything from the server, because it can't move off the same file.


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