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[Docs] Application Menu == ZTreeMenu   [Docs]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Sep 19,2020 at 16:52

The files ZTW.HLP and ZCOLORS.INI refer to the "Application Menu"
and "Application menu", respectively, but this is a negligible
inconsistency that may not be worth the effort fixing.

More interestingly, after hitting F9, we see the text "ZTreeMenu", which
does not appear anywhere in the docs. A new user, looking for
"Applications", might be confused...

But XTree F9 shows "XTreeMenu", so I guess this won't change,
and there are scripts around (from Ben and Ian) that look for
the "ZTreeMenu" string!

When I look at my F9 scrtips, I just see scripts, no apps :-).
I launch command line tools, but hardly any GUI apps.

Anyway, maybe ZTW.HLP could clarify that "ZTreeMenu" as the "Application Menu"
header. (An extremly low priority request.)


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