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[Q] [DMode] ALT-Move is AWOL - Why?   [Q]

By: Times       
Date: Sep 22,2020 at 07:43

I noticed in the most recent BETA.TXT (2.4.197):
"Alt-Move (DMode) - non-functional and removed from menu"

My thinking is that if it /was/ listed as an accessible option (i.e. at bottom of screen), albeit nonfunctional, but has since been removed from that list, it bodes poorly for this functionality returning ever.

Fact is that I was just recently lamenting that I did not have that functionality as I, in DMode, had to ALT-Copy many tens of gigabytes of material, then CTRL-Del them afterward - the exact process that ALT-Mode simplifies.

(Though TBH, I can't recall having ever before needing this DMode/ALT-Move functionality and don't use DMode all that much in the first place.)

Nonetheless, with the confluence of my recent lamenting plus my noticing the content of BETA.TXT I thought that I'd inquire about a) my assumption, and if borne out, b) ask the dreaded "howcome?"


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