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[Wish] Inverse Logging   [Wish]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Oct 15,2020 at 02:03
In Response to: [Wish] Would this be useful to anyone else? Inverse Logging (Dan LeGate)

> So, to have a feature that UNLOGS (releases) all directories already
> logged into memory, and ONLY log folders that are not yet logged... that
> would be useful.

I see how this could be useful.

While this would be both a Release and Log function, I think the best place to implement it would be in the DW Alt-Log menu. Alt-Log, [I]nvert logged branches. Like all other DW Alt-Log functions except [D]isk, it would operate only on the current branch directory. So to operate on the entire drive the root of the drive would have to be current.

One remaining question would be whether or not to obey ZNOLOG.INI. I can see a case being made either way, as it depends on the kinds of directories the user normally excludes from logging. In my case I would want to obey it, since these are directories I would never want to search. However, to be a true inversion, and be consistent with the [U]nlogged branch only option, and satisfy users that may want to include them, I think ZNOLOG.INI should be ignored.

- John


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