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[Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Nov 06,2020 at 14:30
In Response to: [Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory (John Gruener)

> Hi Laurent,
> I'm no expert with this, but since no one has responded for a few days
> I thought I'd try to help with what I think I know about it.
> The issue is with code pages. There are two code pages in Windows. One
> is the OEM code page that console programs use, and the other is the ANSI
> or "Windows" code page used in GUI. For the most part these code pages
> are single-byte. In addition, Windows supports UTF-16LE (16-bit
> Little-endian Unicode), which does not involve either of the code pages,
> and uses this to write all NTFS file and directory names.
> Since console programs and batch files use code pages, they are by
> default limited to accessing only the single-byte character part of the
> NTFS Unicode names. So the internal CMD conversion just substitutes an
> unusable character like a question mark for those Unicode characters that
> use both bytes. (Powershell, on the other hand, supports Unicode.)
> The usual workaround of course is to access the short name, but since
> this is not available for you that's not an option.
> One option would be to use the CHCP command to change the OEM code page
> to UTF-8 using CHCP 65001 at the start of the batch script. This might
> convert the UTF-16 names into workable names. But even if you managed to
> get this to work outside of ZTree, I suspect it may not work in the ZTree
> F9 menu because ZTree itself is running in your default code page, and
> therefore cannot pass the % parameters in Unicode (even if it were
> programmed to do so, which it may not be).
> Unfortunately this leaves me with no suggested solution, but perhaps my
> explanation will lead you to some ideas.
> Let us know how it goes.

Thank you John.

I suspected Code Page, but didn't play with them since DOS...
I thought Unicode was supported in all console sessions since.

It would be okay, as there are not many junctions to make, to perform manually a mklink command at prompt.

I'll try tomorrow and let you know, of course!

Thanks again for taking the time to answer.

Laurent Duchastel


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