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[Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 07,2020 at 19:02
In Response to: [Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory (Laurent Duchastel)

> Hello
> I have this F9 batch that I use often:
> mklink /J "%j2:%j3\%6" "%2:%3"
> and which works fine.
> But I stumbled into a strange issue tonight trying to junction link a
> folder having arabic characters.
> جدایی نادر از سیمین (2012) [Une separation] [FR] [IRAN]
> which in Ztree displays as:


With the range of character sets you need, a single code page is unlikely to work.
Also as the others have stated, as well as code page there is the OEM/ANSI divide.

For a long time ZTree has been UNICODE, and Powershell can process UNICODE scripts, so a posible solution would be have an option to select cmd or powershell with a #ZTPS1 directive for F9 items.
But at least for your requiremetn that would require that the ZAM files are converted to UNICODE, or at least have another #ZTUNICODE directive that causes the generated script to be UNICODE, that would only be allowed with powershell, and could lead to issues trying to create OEM F9 menu items to control UNICODE processes, maybe a better compromize to be to enable UTF-8 in F9, i.e. and #ZTUTF-8 as I expect that would lead to fewer menu item editing issues.

Another way
Have you tried an eXecute history item?



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