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[Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Nov 18,2020 at 20:57
In Response to: [Help!] Junction point with Unicode-named directory (Laurent Duchastel)

> I suspected Code Page, but didn't play with them since DOS...
> I thought Unicode was supported in all console sessions since.
> It would be okay, as there are not many junctions to make, to perform
> manually a mklink command at prompt.

Hello John (and all).

Sorry for my radio silence of the last few days. I've been slightly side-tracked by both work and family issues, but also by technological issues (got a new computer!)

I successfully succeed in creating manually junction points with appropriate code page. Thank you!

Fortunately there are not so many of such foreign-alphabets junction points to create. The only way I can do, is by pain-stakingly cutting-pasting directory name from chmod-changed console to a manually entered mklink command. I did not succeed to batch command/ZTree them (see subsequent posts which explains the why).

Thank you again!

Laurent Duchastel


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