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By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 16,2020 at 03:06
In Response to: Only on network drive over internet link (Peter Shute)

> Can anyone else reproduce this? It's only happening with network
> drives I'm accessing via VPN, ie over the internet. This link isn't
> really that slow, probably at least 20Mbps both directions.
> It takes a couple of seconds for alt-Info to display anything over this
> link.

More on this. If I click on another folder with the mouse instead of using the up/down key, it displays the Alt-Info box correctly.

If I press up/down, the Alt-Info box disappears, and the cursor doesn't move to the previous/next folder until I press it again. Ie up/down act like a cancel command.

Indeed, pressing any key in this situation closes the Alt-Info box. This happens on local drives too with any key except up/down.

Ie with a network drive over VPN, up/down cancel Alt-Info. On a local or network drive over a LAN, they don't.


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