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Viewport vs Physical values   [Tip]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 27,2021 at 11:13
In Response to: [Tip] mydevice.io -- info about your screen(s) (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Take note if you are opening https://www.mydevice.io in the
Vivaldi browser. I see 1908px/1668px, instead of 1920px/1680px.
This because Vivaldi has a side Panel that steals some pixels from the
viewport width. Technically, this is correct, the mydevice.io site does
state "my viewport width is:" (tiny font), followed by a value (huge font).

I didn't catch that.

Further down the page, it does state "JS screen.width : 1680px", the physical value.

When the browser window is maximized, I wish they'd show both values
(when they differ) in the huge font they use. They can't expect non-techies
to understand the subtleties of a viewport.

The user, who is not a web developer, just wants to know their screen resolution
using a web browser, without having to dig through the Display Settings that
differ on every OS.

I won't bother contacting the mydevice.io folks, but I did talk to Vivaldi.
They played with switching monitors and actually uncovered a related bug
in their code! So this idle rant wasn't all a waste of time.


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