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You don't need Windows 11 Clock nor to sacrifice screen height   [Tip]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Jul 15,2021 at 01:39
In Response to: Windows 11 Clock (John Gruener)

> > This may resonate with some: at
> > least once I week,
> > I find myself wondering what day it is - Wed or Thu?
> > I usually know when it's the weekend, but is it Sat or Sun?
> Hey Slo, you may be pleased to know that it looks like Windows 11 will
> show the day of week in the Taskbar clock, without having to hover over
> it. ;-)

Microsoft made it very easy to display a complete clock.

With modern screens typically twice as wide as they are high why does anyone continue to waste precious screen height with a horizontal task bar?? Simply grab some open space and drag it to the side! Not only is this much more efficient but you gain ~3/4" of screen height for all your apps. This arrangement also lends itself to custom toolbar groupings

On my 2560 x 1080 screen my taskbar is ~150 pixels wide I have four custom toolbars that can hold ~170 icons plus the system tray and columns of eight active tasks. (I'm lazy! It was quicker to just widen the task bar a bit than to cull the lesser used apps). Even half my current width would still display the time, date and DOW. Here is a shot of the bottom third of my taskbar.


Namaste', Art

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