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[Bug] Split screen mode display: Here's why!   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jul 20,2021 at 15:35
In Response to: [Bug] Split screen mode display (John Gruener)

> This is not really a program bug, but IMHO a design bug. It's also
> important to note that this goes all the way back to the earliest version
> of ZTree that I have, which is v1.30, dated 12-13-1997.
> When in an F8-Split screen, the upper left border shows what the help
> file describes as the "window mode". I wrote that description when
> updating the help file on 11-01-2002, to better describe how ZTree works.
> But actually it's not displaying the window mode. I should have caught
> this discrepancy back then.
> When in the Tree Window it correctly says "tree:" but when in the
> File Window it says "directory:". Unless I'm seriously missing
> something, this does not make sense. Why does it say "directory:"
> rather than "file:"?

The answer to that question is: It's because that's what XTree did! Kim is faithfully reproducing XTree.

Nevertheless, it still makes no sense to me. So unless someone can explain why XTree displayed that, I consider it an XTree design bug.

In any case, as I proposed, it makes more sense now to indicate the mode of the displayed filter.

- John


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