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[Bug] Dir Mode Alt-KByte None   [Zeta]

By: Antti     Helsinki, FI  
Date: Aug 02,2021 at 23:09
In Response to: [Bug] Dir Mode Alt-KByte None (Peter Shute)

> I'm not sure what the correct behaviour should be. If I've pressed
> alt+F twice to show size, attributes and date, should None show just the
> attributes and sizes, or all three like it would for files?

If I have selected to show Name, size, attributes and date, I would expect to see all of them (regardless of the Alt-K option), and that is indeed what we have in the File Mode. Similarly, I would expect to see some size information also in the Directory mode, when sizes are requested to be shown with Alt-F; having just empty space there would be a waste. I would think that Kim has also given it some thought, as to what size info to show there by default.

It is of course debatable which size info should be shown by default (when Alt-K is None), but actually I find the current default one useful choice, and gives an additional view that cannot be obtained through Alt-K. I would oppose to showing no size information at all, even though Name, size, attributes and date is selected.


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