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Alt+F7   [ZEP]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Sep 11,2021 at 19:57
In Response to: [ZEP] Double-Click on Title Bar (Walt)

> I don't remember when it started, but double-clicking on the title
> bar of a window opens the window to full screen. A second DClick reverts
> the window. Many times this is useful, but not in ZTree. When reverted,
> the ZTree jumbled.
> Lately, I've been accosted by the double-click bug in Windows 10. In
> short, a single click is randomly converted to double by the system.
> Is it possible from within ZTree to prevent full-screen upon DClick on
> the title bar? Or is this a system function outside of program control?
> Walt

I don't know of a way to prevent it, only to mitigate: after inadvertently maximising ZTree, pressing Alt+F7 twice restores its window.



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