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[Bugs] Dir Mode Sorting: More   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Sep 12,2021 at 00:21
In Response to: [Bugs] Dir Mode Sorting: More (Kim Henkel)

> > So in DMode, the directories are being sorted in name sequence by
> > subdirectory levels within subdirectory levels, rather than simply in
> > the Tree Window sequence.

> They are being sorted first by their Parent directory when "Path (On)".
> Since the parent of AAA and HHH is \DirSortTest, they come before
> directories with a parent \DirSortTest\AAA, etc.

Yes, that's what I meant by "subdirectory levels".

> This is consistent with FMode.

I don't think so Kim. It's not what I see in FMode. Please try this:

1. Create the directory structure I illustrated.
2. Place one randomly-named file in each of the 14 subdirectories.
3. In FMode enter the Branch Window at the root of the structure.
4. Alt-Sort by anything (Name, Date, Size, etc.) with Path (On).
5. Step down from the top, observing the paths of each file.

The order of subdirectories that I then see under \DirSortTest is:


If you see something different then there is some other difference in our setups.

That's also the order I see in FMode for Unsorted, regardless of any other sort spec, Path (On) or (Off). So for NTFS, Path (On) and Unsorted both appear to mean sort in the hierarchical tree-view sequence.

> I don't think this should try to mimic what is shown in
> a hierarchical tree view - these just happen to be
> directory names, also sorted primarily by parent path.

I think the sort sequences should be consistent between FMode and DMode.

I find the hierarchical tree sequence preferable because, when creating a Batch command listing of directories, it keeps the parent and its subdirectories together in one group, rather than separating them. This is much better for comparing lists of directories made before and after events such as new software installations.

One option is to provide both. With Path (On) make it by parent path, and Unsorted make it hierarchical. That way users have a choice.

- John


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