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[OT] USB Harddrives under Win 7 Pro 64   [OT]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 13,2021 at 21:48
In Response to: [OT] USB Harddrives under Win 7 Pro 64 (Bob Selby)

> I have a conundrum that is driving me crazy ... I have a 2GB
> harddrive in an external caddy that I connect to a number of machines for
> doing backups but it appears as removeable on some but not others. I
> would like to be able to "eject" the drive on all machines to save
> having to shut them down to remove the drive.
> I have trawled the web and tried a number of things but nothing helps
> on two machines the drive remains stubbornly "fixed".
> All the machines are running windows 7 pro - the 32bit and 64bit
> version makes no odds.
> It is a modern SATA drive in a USB3 caddy.
> I am hoping that someone can cast some light on this.
> Regards,
> Bob

Why are you still using Win7, when it's not had security updates for over a year?

Did you really mean 2GB HDD in a caddy? is it ~20 years old or did you mean 2TB?

On the non-removable drives point, try
sync.exe d:, from sysinternals, to flush the cache.
Close Explorer as that can keep handles open that stop the drive being ejected.
Use "Safely Remove Hardware" process from the system tray.

But given the other suggestions and your responses, I expect they will not help.

I have a 32gb USB drive that does a similar thing and refuses to be ejected, I handle that by hibernating, removing the drive, and starting again.

Something I've thought of but haven’t tested here yet is.
Device Manager
View\Show hidden devices
Expand Disk drives
For the inserted drives, right click\Properties, Policies tab, (as noted in one of the other posts)
ensure "Quick removal" is selected
If Write-caching is enabled disable it, if you can, as that will probably block removal.
Remember the position in the list
Once the drive has been removed, it might help to right click\Uninstall device, on the non-active devices.

Does this give any clues?
Wmic.exe path win32_logicaldisk get DeviceID, DriveType



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