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[ZEP] Display file owners   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 13,2021 at 22:23
In Response to: [ZEP] Display file owners (Peter Shute)

> The only way to see file owners is to use Alt-Info. It would often
> be useful to see all the file owners listed at once on the normal
> display.
> This was briefly discussed here a few years ago:
> http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=116734


There is only one file owner.
But there are normally multiple trustees that have permissions on an object.

How about having history list items in eXecute or in the F9 menu for these
icacls %1
dir /a /q %1

> Alternatively, probably much easier to add an Alt-Batch parameter.

The problem with that, is owner is not logged, so there would need to be API calls for each file that is being processed as Alt-Batch is being processed, it would slow the process down.



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