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[Bugs] Dir Mode Sorting: More   [Zeta]

By: Kim Henkel     Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
Date: Sep 14,2021 at 02:20
In Response to: [Bugs] Dir Mode Sorting: More (John Gruener)

> I don't think so Kim. It's not what I see in FMode. Please try this:
> 1. Create the directory structure I illustrated.
> 2. Place one randomly-named file in each of the 14 subdirectories.
> 3. In FMode enter the Branch Window at the root of the structure.
> 4. Alt-Sort by anything (Name, Date, Size, etc.) with Path (On).
> 5. Step down from the top, observing the paths of each file.
> The order of subdirectories that I then see under \DirSortTest is:
> \AAA
> \HHH
> If you see something different then there is some other difference in
> our setups.

What do you see if you also put a randomly named file in \DirSortTest?
It will be the first listed file, because it's in \DirSortTest, correct?

What I'm trying to explain is that both AAA and HHH are also 'in \DirSortTest', so for the same reason, both those will be listed first, because \DirSortTest is the least deep path.



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