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[Q] Odd problem with VNC   [Q]

By: Bob Selby       
Date: Mar 11,2022 at 15:57

I'm running ZTWin v2.4.202 under Win 7 x64 Pro on a number of machines and I often use VNC (Tight VNC) to control them but I have found a problem with this and it has me totally baffled ...

Running ZTWin directly on a machine works perfectly ... "b" (branch) and "SHIFT+b" (directory search) work as expected. Scroll-lock works as expected.

However, if Scroll-lock is "ON" on the target machine and "OFF" on the remote and I do the same thing via VNC "SHIFT+b" does a branch and "b" does a directory search !!!!!!!!!! Scroll-lock on the remote system inverts this behaviour.

What is even odder (if that is possible!) is that other utilities (Notepad, Notepad++, etc, etc) all present "b" as "b" and "SHIFT+b" as "B" and the remote Scroll-lock behaves as expected, irrespective of the target machines scroll-lock status !!!

There are no config options in VNC that might cause this.

I wonder what the difference is between the keyboard handling of ZTWin and (say) notepad++ ???



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