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Other options   [Wish]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Mar 31,2022 at 02:54
In Response to: Other options (Ben Kent)

> Dan
> To save having multiple overlapping utilities running, you should be
> able to do the equivalent with Macro Express. I suggested AutoHotKey
> because I allways have it running, it does a number of things for me.
> Looking at https://www.macros.com/macroactivations.htm, you should be
> able to activate with a hotkey.
> To create the macro looking at https://www.macros.com/features.htm your
> options are 1. run windows on screen keyboard and record the macro, 2.
> record the macro on a machine with a "normal" keyboard, 3. create the
> macro with one of the editors.

Oh yes, I do use it in my MacBook w/VMware and it works perfectly.

The place I can't is on our servers at work that have multiple users, and I'm not the one controlling the policies on those. The ZTW macro did the trick! Can't believe I didn't realize that was available to me! haha


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