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[Forum] How to Find the Zetas   [Forum]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Apr 11,2022 at 00:21
In Response to: [Forum] Zeta links (Walt)

> If Kim wants bug reports in the Zeta threads, would it be
> advantageous to have a "Latest Zeta/Beta" link to that post next to the
> "Post a new message" link? It would also help in finding new releases
> that were missed.

The forum already provides a method to quickly find all the Zeta, Beta and Release threads. Pull down the "all categories" box in the upper right, scroll down and select the desired category.

The only thing that muddies the water a bit are threads in those categories incorrectly started by users other than Kim. But it's easy enough to skip past those.

(Click the "?" button to the right of the "all categories" box to see a definition of all categories, including the instruction that these three category threads should only be posted by Kim.)

- John


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