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[Wish] Support %#ZThome% in save macro input line   [Wish]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 30,2022 at 02:41

Hello Kim

I use macros a lot and have developed a small collection of them.
Because there were too many in my ZTree folder, I moved them in a new dir called ZTMacros under ZTree.

Using history list, I can easily recall macros with this string:
@%#ZTHome%\ZTMacros\[name of macro]
which is great for portability.

I can't however Ctrl-F12 create new macros with the same #ZTHome variable
Instead ZTree pops up the actual full path name such as:

Yes, I can edit the input line to insert the "\ZTMacros\[name of macro]" and will work.
However, it would be faster to only up-arrow to history list, recall that input line:
and just add the macro name.

It would works better in portable mode and be consistent with the F12 recall.

Thank you for considering.

Wish level: very low

Laurent Duchastel


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