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[Help!] Renaming multiple files   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Jun 25,2022 at 03:26

I occasionally have a need to rename a number of files in a folder.
These need to have additional characters appended to the name but the extension doesn't change.
eg: Rename file FredNurk.mp4 to FredNurk ABC.mp4
Rename file FredNurk.jpg to FredNurk ABC.jpg

I found that using a rename mask of * ABC resulted in a file called FredNurk ABC
with no extension - so I used * ABC.mp4 giving me the correct name FredNurk ABC.mp4

But how would I rename all the files retaining the original extension with one rename mask ??.

What rename mask should I use to retain the extension correctly and add the ABC ??.


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