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[Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored   [Help!]

By: Mike King       
Date: Jul 26,2022 at 05:14


I'm using ZTree64 (2.4.199) on Windows 10 Pro, which I've been using for over a year.

When I set up this computer, I copied the ZTreeWin from an older computer. On that device, I'd reconfigured many of the colors (through Alt+F10/F4), so the new computer "inherited" those colors.

I now want to revise the colors, so I thought I'd start with a reset to ZTreeWin default colors. According to the comments in the forum, the zcolors.in_ file in the distribution matches the ZTreeWin defaults.

I renamed the file to zcolors.ini, edited it to remove the ";" from the beginning of several lines, saved it, exited ZTreeWin, and restarted ZTreeWin. The colors haven't changed.

I start ZTree64 from an icon on the task bar that invokes C:\ZTreeWin\ZTW64.EXE. It's set to start in C:\ so that I'm at the root of my hard drive when I start. Changing it to start in C:\ZTreeWin doesn't make any difference.

I don't see that any environment variables are set for ZTreeWin.

What am I overlooking? ...thanks!


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