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[Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored   [Help!]

By: Mike King       
Date: Jul 27,2022 at 06:47
In Response to: [Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored (John Gruener)

Thanks, John. I've confirmed my computer has exactly one ZCOLORS.INI file, in the C:\ZTreeWin\ directory.

I can't find anything in the documentation that requires the various configuration files to be in the "Start in:" directory.

Regardless of which directory I put in "Start in:" in the shortcut properties, the ZTW.INI file in C:\ZTreeWin\ gets updated if I change any configuration, including changing colors using F5/F6.

Also regardless of which directory I put in "Start in:" in the shortcut properties (even when it is C:\ZTreeWin), the ZCOLORS.INI file seems not to be read.

And to clarify, I'm not putting any parameters on the ZTW command line. The properties of the Windows shortcut (i.e., "Target") is C:\ZTreeWin\ZTW64.EXE.

The only difference I've been able to see when changing the "Start in:" directory is ZTW's initial view. ...thanks! -mk


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