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[Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored   [Help!]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jul 27,2022 at 21:19
In Response to: [Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored (Mike King)

> Thanks, John. I've confirmed my computer has exactly one
> ZCOLORS.INI file, in the C:\ZTreeWin\ directory.

Mighty strange.

> I can't find anything in the documentation that requires the various
> configuration files to be in the "Start in:" directory.

Nothing requires it. It's an option made available for those that might like to use different shortcuts to run alternate configurations. See the paragraph in section 3.14 Auxiliary Files that starts with "To run ZTreeWin with an alternate configuration".

> Regardless of which directory I put in "Start in:" in the shortcut
> properties, the ZTW.INI file in C:\ZTreeWin\ gets updated if I change
> any configuration, including changing colors using F5/F6.
> Also regardless of which directory I put in "Start in:" in the
> shortcut properties (even when it is C:\ZTreeWin), the ZCOLORS.INI file
> seems not to be read.

When you put that directory in the shortcut's "Start in:" it forces ZTree to look first in that directory before anywhere else. So clearly for some reason ZTree is not recognizing your ZCOLORS.INI file.

Two possibilities I can think of:

1. Make sure there is no space at the end of ZCOLORS, as in "ZCOLORS .INI". Use Rename or Alt-Info on the file to check it.

2. Be sure when you edited the file you did not accidentally save it as a Unicode file.

If neither one of those is the case, you could upload the file so I can see if it works on my system.

- John


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