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[Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jul 29,2022 at 21:38
In Response to: [Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored (Mike King)

> I've tried further experimentation, and no matter what I do, I
> can't seem to get ZTW to process ZCOLORS.INI. I even tried copying the
> significant files to a new directory and launching ZTW from there, but I
> still get the same results.
> > 1. Make sure there is no space at the end of ZCOLORS, as in "ZCOLORS
> > .INI". Use Rename or Alt-Info on the file to check it.
> Confirmed. Also ensured the Ohs weren't zeroes.
> > 2. Be sure when you edited the file you did not accidentally save it
> as
> > a Unicode file.
> Every "file properties" utility tells me it's a UTF-8 file, which
> equivalent to an ASCII file. V64 tells me it's ANSI.
> > If neither one of those is the case, you could upload the file so I
> can
> > see if it works on my system.
> Uploaded as http://www.ztw3.com/upfile/zcolors.zip .
> Thanks again for your help, John!


I have ZTree installed in "C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows", if you install there, then the default config directory is switched to %AppData%\ZTreeWin.

My ZCOLORS.INI is in %AppData%\ZTreeWin, and is deteted as OEM.
Have you tried copying the file to that directory?
Have you tried running sysinternals procmon and filtering for ZCOLORS.INI?
What other ZTree configuration files are in the start-in directory?
Make sure that ZCOLORS.INI is in the install or start-in directory, but not both.

What is ZTree defecting the file as?
If UTF-8, maybe you have characters in the file that ZTree cannot process.

Have you used Alt-F6 to toggle to no colours?
There are three modes, 1. Process ZCOLORS.INI and the colour configuration, 2. Process ZCOLORS.the colour configuration, 3. monochrome.



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