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[Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored   [Help!]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Aug 13,2022 at 22:47
In Response to: [Help!] zcolors.ini seems to be ignored (Mike King)

> Thanks, everyone, for the replies!

You're welcome Mike. Glad you got it solved!

> I was focusing on changing the foreground color in the directory and
> file windows from bright white to bright yellow, and ZTW seemed to be
> ignoring that.
> I'm not clear why the two colors on this computer are so similar, but
> that's an issue beyond this forum and something that I can dig into later.

Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided to change the default Console colors that we've had for more than 20 years. This was done 5 years ago in the 2017 Fall Update (version 1709), but they were not changed with Windows updates. You only see the new colors on new installations.

I don't like the new bright yellow color either. For my eyes it's much too close to bright white. The bright green and bright cyan are also too close, especially as text on a blue background. Some people like these colors, but we all see colors differently, and different monitors and settings can also make a difference.

In my case I immediately changed all the defaults back to the Legacy colors, and then tweaked three of them slightly to work better in my ZTree configuration, which uses a black background.

How Console programs like the Command prompt and ZTree get their colors can be a bit confusing. I've dug into this extensively, so could post a more thorough explanation if interested.

- John


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