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[Help!] Ignoring the keyboard   [Help!]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Aug 18,2022 at 07:17

This may be Windows, the Keyboard or Ztree (I''m thinking the latter), but I thought I'd ask in case anyone had any ideas.

I have a ZTree (2.4.204) instance that's been run up for a few days. It will not not respond to keyboard input but the mouse will select stuff and enabled me to get from DIR+FILE windows to FILE window. Clicking on Attributes gets me to the enter attribute changes prompt and clicking on Esc out again. Alt-Enter works so the Window it's in sees the keyboard. Also arrow keys can move me around the Window's properties menus. Basically I think it's working fine but ignoring the keyboard (mouse is fine).

I'm on the current Win10 x64.

I ran up another ZTW instance and it's fine.

With the problem ZTW having focus I bounced all the modifier keys a few times (Ctrl, Alt, NumLck, etc. etc.) which didn't help. (In case it had got the wrong sense of one of them.)

I'd really like to save a filelist from it, plus exit to keep its file selection history, so if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

Everything else on the computer seems to work. The on-screen keyboard didn't work...

Alternatively if I can do Alt-Z R up-arrow return and exit the program just with the mouse that would be good? (I really need something I can tap to give me Alt... I could live without the up-arrow.)

Anyone have any ideas?


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